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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain


When you see pictures of happy couples, how do you feel? You’ve heard or read stories(as I did just now) of how seeing advertisements of happy couples might turn people off.  Of course, there is a 100% chance that these “couples” aren’t couples at all.  You should keep that in mind the next time you see a cheesy romance commercial or the other kind.  You know the kind.  The ones that used to be shown later at night but you can now see at any time of day.  You should know those “couples” probably just met 10 minutes before the commercial was shot.  That’s got to be awkward, right?


What about the real stuff, though? Seeing real couples makes people happy.  That’s always the case, correct? No, that’s usually the case.  I think the more emotionally mature you get, the happier you can be for those around you.  Also, it’s a case of want.  Do you want to be happy? Is it that simple? It is if that’s how you want it. 


If it’s your friend, your best friend, of course you’re going to be happy.  Here’s a tip: to keep you from obsessing over it almost 24/7(yes, I used to do that), start doing things.  Pick up an instrument.  Write a book.  Anything that’s a worthwhile way to spend your time is always constructive. 


To sum up: when you see a happy couple, be happy for them and don’t worry about it.  The easiest way not to worry about that, or any situation for that matter, is to get on with your own life.  Find something to occupy your time.  Trust a former emotional wreck: it’s much better to get on with your own life.  You’re not going to be another person.  That was not God’s intent.  He made you to be you, single or otherwise.  And you are enough.



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