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Andy Sullivan: Against the Grain

This Friday, my favorite Netflix show, The Ranch, returns.  However, it’s going to look quite different.  As you know, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson created and star in the show.  Well, Masterson co-starred in the show until his firing December of last year because of sexual assault allegations.  Since then, I’ve wondered who would take Masterson’s place.  Dax Sheppard has been pegged as a guest star on the show.  I also read that Masterson is in a few of the new episodes.  I’ll be interested to see what develops.  Having said all of that, I can’t wait until Friday.  Will the ousting of a co-creator and co-star hurt the show? Doubtful.  It’s that good.

How will they write the character of Rooster Bennett off the show? I saw in a preview that the Bennett clan faces a wildfire.  Does Rooster die in the fire? I was previously guessing that he moves away with his girlfriend Jen.  Maybe he’s running the other ranch that he and Colt bought in the last part finale. We shall see. 

Another Netflix show that is dealing with a major cast shift is House of Cards.  Ironically, the reason for Kevin Spacey’s firing was the same as Masterson’s.  It had already been decided that this would be the final season for House of Cards so the Spacey incident didn’t play a part in that decision.  Who’s taking his place? What are the circumstances?

Monday, Netflix released images of the sixth and final season of House of Cards.  Robin Wright is seen in two pictures in her role as President Claire Underwood.  After suspending production back in November after Spacey’s firing, Netflix and the production company Media Rights Capital decided to end the series with a sixth season consisting of 8 episodes.  That’ll make it quicker to watch.  Speaking from personal experience, watching 13-16 episodes is daunting.  You need to detox after watching that show! 

I always wonder what a show will do when a major cast member dies, leaves the show or gets fired.  We’ll get our answers very soon.



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