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Andrea wants to say, "THANK YOU!" to all United Way supporters in Butler County:

Each year, hundreds of Butler County students reach out to the Butler County Youth Service Center in search of assistance with medical, vision, and dental needs. These students find themselves in a difficult place and look to the Youth Service Center for a helping hand.

Students like Andrea**. Andrea currently attends Butler County Middle School. Recently, she experienced a severe toothache that would cause Andrea to cry and leave her lying awake at night in pain. Noticing that Andrea was struggling in her classes, unable to focus and getting behind in her lessons, her teacher recommended that she seek assistance from the Butler County Youth Service Center.

With the assistance she received from the Youth Service Center, Andrea was able to go to the dentist and receive two much needed fillings in her teeth. Since receiving these fillings, Andrea no longer has a toothache, has improved in her academic performance, and can finally sleep the whole night through!

Andrea’s mom says, “It is very hard as a parent for your little girl to be crying in pain because her tooth hurts and you do not have money to get it fixed. Our family has medical insurance but we do not have dental coverage. Thank goodness the YSC has the resources to help kids like Andrea. Thank you for helping my little girl!”

The Butler County Youth Center is one of several non-profit organizations in Butler County that receive support from United Way. Each student who has been helped as a result of this support is deeply grateful for that a helping hand was there when they needed it. When you support United Way you are helping children in Butler County like Andrea receive the help they so desperately need.

On behalf of Andrea and all of the individuals and families living in Butler County who are getting the help they need as a result of your kindness and support, THANK YOU. In your honor, United Way will continue to bring together the community partners needed - including time, talent, money, or otherwise - to build a stronger Butler County for all.

**Please note that names have been changed – as all services are completely confidential.


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