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Against The Grain by: Andy Sullivan

Digital Distress- Christmas 2012, I got an iPod nano.  One year and one month later, it’s already full.  I didn’t know how to take songs off and put songs on, so I went to facebook.  I did know how to perform this function in the old i-tunes, but since they implemented a “new and improved” service, I’ve had all manner of problems.
Forget the fact that i-tunes kept forgetting my login info. I finally got that squared away.  My issue now is putting new music on.  I watched all the “how-to” tutorials and there is the “click and delete” option that is supposed to be oh so easy.  I did that and then plugged in my device so it can perform the task.  It made the motion like it was working, so I thought I was in good shape.  I unplugged and searched for my new music on the iPod.  Nothing transferred. 
As I said, first it locked me out by forgetting my password.  Once I figured out the problem there (it’s under my old email address that’s not even in service anymore), I was able to buy but couldn’t download to my iPod.  I learned about the Cloud, which I never had to use previously, but another issue arose.  My IPod is so full that I’m unable to put on new.  I perform the action that’s supposed to work; only it doesn’t.  After wasting about an hour on Monday and Tuesday working on this, I got so frustrated that I’m honestly thinking of just buying a new IPod and starting fresh. 
If anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to hearing them. If you have similar stories, I’ll take those also.

Hello, my name is Andy Sullivan. I received my bachelor’s degree in business from Mid-Continent University in May 2009. I began writing for Beech Tree News in July 2009.  I enjoy playing guitar, the occasional Wii game, writing, and listening to music. I write a sports blog that can be found at
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