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Against The Grain by: Andy Sullivan

Summer Olympics: The Other White Meat: Everyone always talks about how much they love the winter Olympics.  Well, I’m more partial to the summer games.  With the Winter Olympics, it’s like “we’re stuck inside with nothing else to do, might as well watch”.  With the summer games, it’s a choice.  You can either go outdoors and do something, or watch the games.  Personally, I prefer the Summer Olympics because, among other things, basketball is my favorite sport. I’m all about watching some USA basketball!

During Olympic season, you’ll watch sports that you would never normally watch.  For instance, last Saturday afternoon I was watching archery.  That’s right, archery.  Sitting in a chair in the living room, guitar in hand, I watched archery for probably the first time in my life.  Another reason I prefer the Summer games over Winter is the climate.  I don’t like to be reminded it’s cold outside.  I already know it’s cold, I don’t need to see an athlete’s breath in front of their face and them all wrapped up in thermal attire to tell me such. 

Plus, call me crazy but I just think more of the American public play basketball than slalom ski.  I don’t mean to offend all those slalom skiers in Butler County… There you have it: relatable, choices and watching new sports are three reasons I think the summer games are better than the Winter.  I know that winter games fans could make a similar argument. But really, it’s all good.  The Olympics bring together people from all over the globe for at least those two weeks. Who can argue with that goodwill? Enjoy the games and GO USA!!!

Hello, my name is Andy Sullivan. I received my bachelor’s degree in business from Mid-Continent University in May 2009. I began writing for Beech Tree News in July 2009.  I enjoy playing guitar, the occasional Wii game, writing, and listening to music. I write a sports blog that can be found at   If you have a comment, feel free to leave it in the space below.



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