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Against The Grain by Andy Sullivan

Back on Your Feet Again

There are many times in everyone’s life when we all have to pick ourselves up from our boot straps and soldier forward.  We all go through times when we are down and heart-broken. These are times when faith in God and good friends come in very handy.

It takes a while for me to get back to full strength after such an event.  Some things take longer periods of time than others. Maybe more is emotionally invested in some things than others, and that is why it takes longer.  You can be tired but not able to sleep, or it takes longer to go to sleep, as has been my case for a while.  Couple this feeling of malaise with sinus problems, and you have quite the annoying combination.  So, how does one get past these things? You take medicine for the sinus trouble. God and good friends are there for the rest.

Given my history with anxiety, maybe I could consider myself an expert on the subject.  I certainly have dealt with it for a long time, over half my life to be exact.  What works for me is faith in God and good friends (as I’ve said). Fresh air and deep breaths help as well.  It’s amazing what a little quiet time can do for your psyche.

I have tried not to replicate a former column of mine about anxiety. The moral of this one is what I learned from my sessions years ago: the situation is most assuredly not as bad as we usually make it out to be in our minds.  Time heals all wounds.

Hello, my name is Andy Sullivan. I received my bachelor’s degree in business from Mid-Continent University in May 2009. I began writing for Beech Tree News in July 2009.  I enjoy playing guitar, the occasional Wii game, writing, and listening to music. I write a sports blog that can be found at   If you have a comment, feel free to leave it in the space below.


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