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5th Grade Band In Need of Instruments

It is time for 5th grade band.  This is a great time for these students to try something new such as band class.  We have had such great success over the last few years with our county wide 5th grade band scoring proficient and distinguished at KMEA festivals.  The students had a great time performing on the stage at Van Meter Hall and performing for family and friends at our school concerts.

Once again I am searching for instruments.  Many students buy or rent their own instruments.  But as I know a lot of you have experienced with your own students, we have students who may not be able to afford some things.  That is why I am asking for your help.  You may have an unused instrument laying around you would be willing to donate to our school.  This would give a student the chance of a lifetime to experience this music class. I could also use items such as band books and drum sticks.

If you have a good instrument you need to sell also let me know.  I may be able to connect you with someone who is interested.

Please consider this as an opportunity to influence a child’s life with the gift of a musical experience and maybe change their life forever.  Contact me by email or call the school.  [email protected]



Sandra Crowder

Music Specialist

North Butler Elementary



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