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2nd District Fire Department February Board Meeting

On Thursday evening, the 23rd of February at 6:00 p.m., the 2nd District Volunteer Fire Department Board met for its regular monthly meeting at the firehouse. The meeting was called to order by President Fred Tate. Following was a prayer and the pledge to the U.S. flag. After calling the meeting to order, President Tate called for presentations to the board. Second District Magistrate, Johnny Tuck, presented a check to the board in the amount of $10,000. This money is the yearly allotment that each fire department receives for running its department. Next, President Tate read a letter from Representative C.B. Embry, Jr. stating that he regretted not being able to attend the upcoming fundraiser "Annual Chili Supper & Rook Tournament" but that he had included a check for $100 toward our fundraiser. The Board would like to thank Magistrate Johnny Tuck and Rep. C.B. Embry, Jr. for their loyal support of the 2nd Dist. Fire Dept.

Fire chief Nick Tyree reported one run for the month was made to the Gabbard family's warehouse fire in Aberdeen. Other business included making plans for the April 14th fundraiser, which is the annual Breakfast and Contest for the Opening Day of Turkey Season. Amy Gill, fundraising chairperson, reported that everything was taken care of for the Saturday night chili supper and Rook Tournament. She and the fundraising committee has already began working on the April 14th event and announced that donations were being collected for the many door prizes to be given away on April 14th. Additional information will be published soon. Meeting adjourned and pictures were taken for the publishing of the article in the Banner and on Beech Tree News. This meeting will also be covered by BTN Radio and the Chamber Newsletter.

This article was submitted by Mrs. Fred Tate and the picture was taken by Mrs. Amy Gill.


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