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2023 Calendar Girl Loryn Robbins

Calendar Girl Loryn Robbins

The 32nd Annual Calendar Girl was held Saturday night, November 5 at the Butler County High School Gymnasium.  This event is the major fundraiser for the Butler County FCCLA.  This years Covergirl is Miss Loryn Robbins.  She is the daughter of Chris and Karrie Robbins.

Monthly Winners:

Bryleigh Jones

Keegan Forbes

Ann Marie Skaggs

Cheani Schroeder

Karrington Hunt

Mackenzie Pendley

Jacqueline Rhoades

Brooklyn Blankenship

Raegan Tuck

Jenna Phelps

Sally Butler

Trinity Martin

The Top 19 included: Bryleigh Jones, Evan Coley, Kenlea Grubb, Keegan Forbes, Ann Marie Skaggs, Cheani Schroeder, Loryn Robbins, Chloe Cardwell, Karrington Hunt, Mackenzie Pendley, Delaney Newcom, Jacqueline Rhoades, Brooklyn Blankenship, Skylar Schroeder, Trinity Martin, Raegan Tuck, Avery Gleason, Jenna Phelps, and Sally Butler.

Evan Coley, Agnes Otey, Olivia Renfrow, Karlee Cameron, and Bryleigh Jones

Kenlea Grubb, Keegan Forbes, Ellie McIntosh, Courtnei Alexander, and Ann Marie Skaggs

Kiasia Thomas, Isabella Easley, Chloe Cardwell, Loryn Robbins, and Cheani Schroeder

Taylor Leach, Jacqueline Rhoades, Delaney Newcom, Mackenzie Pendley, and Karrington Hunt

Brooklyn Smith, Raegan Tuck, Trinity Martin, Skylar Schroeder, and Brooklyn Blankenship

Sophie Dockery, Sally Butler, Jenna Phelps, and Avery Gleason


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