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2022 Recycling and Solid Waste Report

The Recycling Center made 3,911 runs and processed the recyclable materials: newsprint, white paper, books, aluminum, steel, cardboard, and other metals.

The Center logged 1,572 volunteer labor hours, used as in-kind contributions for grants.

Staff kept up routine maintenance on the building and all equipment throughout the year with help from the County Road Department.

The Recycling Center sold $13,317.98 of recycled materials in 2022.

The Center has an inventory of approximately 143,000 pounds of recyclable materials to be sold.


The Butler County Solid Waste Office directs the Butler County Litter Abatement and Clean Up programs. The office can also be of service to any citizen who wishes to dispose of old applicances, leftover paint, oil, antifreeze, and abandoned cars or has questions about other solid waste issues.

Solid Waste: 

Solid waste made 886 runs for issues in all districts of Butler County. They have picked up household trash, tires, mattresses, couches, and various furniture and appliances on the sides of roads daily.

Solid waste has given eight verbal warnings and sent four warning letters under the County's Nuisance Ordinance in 2022. (working with the County Attorney's Office)

The County /City CleanUp event in 2022 produced 168.74 tons of waste collected. Additional 8.1 tons were recycled. In addition, approximately 200 tires were collected.

The Center also oversees the Liter Abatement program in the county and disposes of the material collected by the nonprofit groups participating.  

The Center applied for and received a $4,000 Waste Tire Grant for recycling and applied for an Illegal Open Dump Grant for four dumps in the county for 2023.


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