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2022 Quality Car Show

1st place: Possum Hazel, 1963 Chevy Nova

Saturday September 10 was the Quality Car Show.  This year’s show was in memory of the late Fred Tate.  The show was well-attended and had 28 total vehicles.  There were plenty of food truck vendors present as well.  John King’s Barbecue and Hometown Grill trucks as well as Sugar Monkey with shaved ice, lemon shake-ups and hot dogs.

1st place Jeep: Renee Henderson


3rd place Darrell Sisk, 

2nd Ann Keown

1st place: Possum Hazel, 1963 Chevy Nova


3rd place: Richard Yoakabenis (sp) 

2nd place: Kelvin Brock

1st place: Chuck Blackford


2nd place: Jed Smithson

1st place : Caleb Smithson

Rat Rod: James Cardwell, winner

People’s Choice: Johnny Rosser.

A special thank you to Phyllis and the late Fred Tate for providing such a great venue for the car shows for the past 11 years.  


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