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2022 Bearfest: Flener and Cardwell Crowned

Bearfest activities were held between games on Friday night.  Solomon Flener was crowned King.  He is the son of Chad and Carmen Flener of Morgantown. Gracie Cardwell was crowned Queen.  She is the daughter of Chad and Lesile Cardwell of Morgantown.

Representing the Freshman class, we have Ms. Bailey Moore and Mr. Lawson Rice.  Bailey is the daughter of Kyle and Kim Moore of Morgantown.  Lawson is the son of Stephen and Stacy Rice of Logansport.

Also representing the Freshman class is Ms. Anna Moore and Mr. Justin Castlen.  Anna is the daughter of Kyle and Kim Moore of Morgantown.  Justin is the son of Richard and Joanna Castlen, also of Morgantown. 

Representing the Sophomore class, we have Mr. Tera Hampton and Mr. Tony Smith.  Tera is the daughter of Tim and Tonya Hampton of Logansport.  Tony is the son of Michael and Charity Smith of Morgantown.

Also representing the Sophomore class is Ms. Taylor Leach and Mr. Gage Beasley.  Taylor is the daughter of Todd and Tina Leach of Morgantown.  Gage is the son of Scotty and Stacey Beasley, also of Morgantown. 

Representing the Junior class, we have Ms. Kennedy Rice and Mr. Brody Hunt.  Kennedy is the daughter of Stephen and Stacy Rice of Logansport.  Brody is the son of Jon and Andrea Hunt of Morgantown. 

Also representing the Junior class is Ms. Trinity Martin and Mr. Luke Laughing.  Trinity is the daughter of Holly Pedigo and Willie Martin, both of Morgantown.  Luke is the sone of Hawk and Regina Laughing, also of Morgantown.

The 2022 Senior Bearfest King and Queen Candidates are as follows.

Ms. Cierra Brooks and Mr. Steven Rojas.  Cierra is the daughter of Ashley Pierson and Johnny Brooks, both of Morgantown.  Steven is the son of Amanda Burden of Morgantown, and the late Lottie Mae Rojas.

Ms. Emily Skipworth and Mr. Cole Martin.  Emily is the daughter of Frankie and Misty Skipworth of Morgantown.  Cole is the son of Chris and Talia Martin, also of Morgantown.

Ms. Gracie Cardwell and Mr. Solomon Flener.  Gracie is the daughter of Chad and Leslie Cardwell of Morgantown.  Solomon is the son of Chad and Carmen Flener, also of Morgantown. 

Ms. Graci Leach and Mr. Jagger Henderson.  Graci is the daughter of Todd and Tina Leach of Morgantown.  Jagger is the son of Pat and Aimee Henderson of Flenerville.

Ms. Taylor Ferrell and Mr. Willie Brown.  Taylor is the daughter of Brian and Teresa Ferrell of Morgantown.  Willie is the son of Rick and Stacy Brown, also of Morgantown.

Ms. Taylin Clark and Mr. Isaac Dockery.  Taylin is the daughter of Kayla Hack and Derick Clark, both of Morgantown.  Isaac is the son of Calvin and Evelyn Dockery, also of Morgantown. 

Ms. Ava Moore and Mr. Joey Tosi.  Ava is the daughter of Julie Moore and Christopher Moore, both of Morgantown.  Joey is the son of Joe Tosi and Jennifer Tosi, also of Morgantown.

Butler County’s Crown Bearer and Escort are Little Miss Scarlett Gentry Fuller and Master Lincoln Riley.  Scarlett is the 7 year old daughter of Andy and Mattie Fuller of Quality.  She is in Mrs. King’s 2nd grade class at Morgantown Elementary School.  Scarlett is the granddaughter of Keith and Kim Embry of Morgantown and Steve and Diane Fuller of Quality. 

Lincoln is the 6 year old son of McLean and Courtney Riley of Rockfield.  He is in Ms. McKee’s 1st grade class at Rockfield Elementary School.  Lincoln is the grandson of Jim and Sarah Thompson of Aberdeen, Todd and Gail Moore of Sugar Grove, Edward and Marty Tilley of Adams, TN, and Mark and Sharon Riley of Russellville.


2020 Bearfest Queen and King Ms. Jordan Chambers and Mr. Parker Rice.  Jordan is the daughter of Denny and Samantha Chambers of Morgantown.  Parker is the son of Stephen and Stacy Rice of Logansport.  


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