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2017 Butler County Coroner's Office Year End Report

In 2017, Butler County Corner, Marty Jones, responded to 30 calls and 18 Provisional Death Reports for Cremation.  The thirty calls involved the following:

24    Natural Deaths
  4    Accidental Deaths  (1 Shooting, 1 Drowning, and 2 Vehicle Fatalities)
  2    Suicides

Of the thirty calls made, two required autopsies and toxicology reports to be completed, and three cases required only toxicology.
Of all the deaths investigated in 2017, there were four that had contributing factors of prescription drugs, alcohol, or some type of illegal drugs including meth.  (This is a decline of 7 compared to 2016.)
18    Provisional Deaths singed for Cremation in 2017

Data from 2016
34    Coroner Calls
    22     Natural Deaths
1    Suicide   
5     Accidental Deaths  (2 Overdose, 3 Vehicle Fatalities)
5     Homicides
1    Undetermined
11    Provisional Deaths Signed for Cremation in 2016

For Cremation, the Corner or Deputy Corner has to sign the Provisional Death Report in the county where the death occurred.  The purpose of this is so the Coroner’s Office is aware of the circumstances surrounding the death and to authorize the cremation.
In 2017, the Butler County Coroner’s Office completed its regular meeting with the Child Fatality Review Board.  This Board investigates any death that occurs in Butler County that involves anyone under the age of 18.  This year, two deaths were reviewed.

Again in 2017, the Coroner and Deputy Coroners received their 18 hours of training each to complete the state requirement for certification.

-Anyone under the care of Hospice or Hosparus who passes away in Butler County is not considered a Coroner’s Call.  The Coroner’s Office is not required to respond to the location of the death unless the death occurred from something other than natural causes. 
-Anyone transported to a hospital either by personal vehicle or by ambulance and passes away in the emergency room or is in the hospital less than 24 hours, it is reported to the Coroner’s Office in that county.  If someone is under the age of 18, the county in which the death occurred and the county where the accident occurred will work together in reviewing the death through the Child Fatality Review Board.
On behalf of the Coroner’s Office, I would like to thank the people of Butler County for putting their trust in me to be the Butler County Coroner.  Special thanks to the Butler County EMS, Sheriff’s Office, Morgantown City Police, all Volunteer Fire Departments, the Butler County Rescue Squad and the many individuals who go above and beyond to help their communities and neighbors in a time of need.  Without your quick response times, dedication, and advance training I am certain our numbers would be much higher.
For additional information concerning this report, please contact Gerald “Marty” Jones II @ 270-999-0707. 

 Gerald “Marty” Jones II, Butler County Corner


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