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2014 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly Starts Work Today

(Left) Rep. C.B. Embry, Jr., R-Morgantown (17th District) talks with Rep. Tim Moore, R-Elizabethtown (26th District) on the floor of the Kentucky House of Representatives during the first day of the 2014 Regular Session. (Photo: LRC Public Information)

Drafting a new budget for Commonwealth main focus of 60-day session-  With the drop of the gavel in the Kentucky House of Representatives, the 2014 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly began today in Frankfort.  The primary focus of this year’s legislative session, which will run 60 days, will be to pass a new two-year budget for the Commonwealth.

“While we do expect to see a slight increase in our general fund revenues, the next budget will be another tight one for Kentucky,” said Rep. C.B. Embry, R-Morgantown (17st District).  “It is my hope that we can work in a bipartisan manner in both the House and Senate to pass a new budget that can fund our essential needs like education.”

Other issues expect to be debated during the upcoming session are bills related to Kentucky’s public pension system, industrial hemp, a statewide smoking ban, and limiting the power of the Executive Branch from using executive orders to allocate millions of dollars in taxpayer funds without legislative oversight.

For more information on the 2014 session, go to  To leave a message for your legislator, call the legislative message line toll free at 1-800-372-7181.  To check the status of a bill during the 2014 session, call 1-866-840-2835.  And to check on the schedule of committee meetings, call 1-800-633-9650, or click on the ‘Meeting Schedule & Visitor Info’ link on the main page of the LRC website.



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