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2013 Record Year for Circuit Clerks' Organ Donation Awareness Program

The Circuit Court Clerks of Kentucky made 2013 a record year in the fight to save lives.  With over 900 Kentuckians on the waiting list for an organ transplant, the need is greater than ever.  The Circuit Clerks and their driver’s license staff make a significant impact by asking important questions while residents obtain a license of ID.
“We simply ask everyone if they would like to donate $1 to the Kentucky Organ Donor Program, and if they wish to be a registered organ donor.  It is just one part of our job at the Circuit Clerk’s office, but we know it makes an incredible difference to transplant patients in need,” explains Butler County Circuit Clerk, Melissa Cardwell.
This year was a record year for Kentucky, thanks to the Circuit Clerks. In 2013, 44.8 percent of Kentuckians donated $1 to the organ donation awareness program.  The Kentucky Organ Donor Registry increased 10 percent and now 42.5 percent of Kentuckians are registered donors.
“Without the Circuit Clerks, we may not have 50,000 names on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  Because of their efforts, over 1.4 million Kentuckians have registered.  The impact of the Circuit Clerks is extraordinary,” said Shelly Snyder, Executive Director of the Circuit Clerks’ Trust For Life program.
“This year, Butler County residents donated $1818 to the Trust For Life and 361 residents joined the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  Now 41 percent of Butler County residents are registered donors! I am proud of the generosity of our community and appreciate your support of this life-saving program,” explains Cardwell.
Due to the generosity of donors and their families, 229 individuals received a life-saving organ transplant and hundreds more received tissue or cornea transplants.  Still more than 120,000 patients are currently waiting for their organ transplant.  Tragically each day, 18 people die waiting.  Every registered organ donor is a symbol of hope for patients in need.
All Kentucky residents are eligible to join the Donor Registry at their Circuit Clerk’s office or online at Regardless of age or medical history, everyone can join the Registry.  If you have questions about donation or would like a Trust For Life speaker to come to your school or community group, contact the Trust at 1-866-945-5433 or [email protected]


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