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“Side by Side” Butler County Arts Guild

VSA Kentucky and Butler County Arts Guild Presents "Side by Side" Butler County  

The “Side by Side” Program was created by VSA Kentucky in 2004 as a way to provide hands-on learning experiences in the arts for school age children with special needs in communities across Kentucky. Each “Side by Side” offers a series of studio art classes taught by a VSA Kentucky approved teaching artist. After completing the classes, young artists are paired up with professional artists from their community to create a collaborative work. A public exhibition with an opening reception where students are recognized for their achievements is the final activity in the program. Butler County “Side by Side” would love to have you in our classes and at the ending reception.  Join us for a program the entire family can enjoy!

Interview with Suzanne Renfrow, VSA teaching artist:

Why are you excited for VSA’s first “Side by Side” program in Butler County?

There are so many kids in Butler County that can greatly benefit from this program! At VSA we place an emphasis on facilitating fun programs that all kids can feel proud of and accomplish. Bringing a program like this to Butler County not only helps the kids, but helps us all to explore art within our own community.

What is being offered at this specific program?

At the Butler County program the kids will be creating and painting several pieces that will be displayed at the ending art exhibition along with engaging in collaborative work with a guild artist.

What do you hope the “Side by Side” program can accomplish?

The “Side by Side” program is a great way for the community to recognize the accomplishments of special needs children in Butler County. We encourage everyone to come to the exhibition regardless of if they have a child participating in the program or not. “Side by Side” is a wonderful way to bring the community together and support the arts.

For more information about the program please contact Suzanne Renfrow at:

(270) 526-2740

Where: Butler County Arts Guild

115 West Ohio Street, Morgantown, Kentucky, 42261



June 10th through June 14th

Monday through Friday

2:00pm – 3:30pm

One-on-One Collaboration Day with Local Artist—

June 15th


11:00am- 12:00pm or 1:00pm-2:00pm


June 22nd


12:00pm –2:00pm

Cost: Program Provided by Butler County Arts Guild and VSA Kentucky at no expense to students.


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