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Weathers BTN's September Fan of the Month

Easton Weather was the lucky winner of Beech Tree New's Fan of the Month for September.  Daily winnners were drawn from BTN's over 2,300 Facebook fans.  Each daily winner is put into a random drawing  for "Fan of the Month," which was won by Weathers for September.  Daily winners get a free 2 liter RC product (RC or Sundrop). The monthy winner gets a $50 gift certificate to the local business of their choice.  Weathers chose Hood's Market and plans to purchase fuel. 

"We think it's important to let the individuals choose where they want to spend the money, not us," said John Embry, vice-president of Beech Tree News.  "Our Facebook promotion has gone really well; we've added a tremendous amout of fan to our page, put a little money in the hands of local consumers, and helped a few local businesses." 

The October "Fan of the Month" will be announced in the comming days.  BTN's Facebook promotion runs through the end of the year. 



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