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Turn Morgantown Pink 2018

For the 8th Annual Turn Morgantown Pink, several gathered on the courthouse lawn to celebrate survivors, memories of those who fought and are no longer with us and to unite in hope for the cure for all cancers.  This event, originally orchestrated by Audrey Pendley, has continued to grow each year since is its inception being held during October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It is very important to build a community, a network of people that can help others throughout their journey battling breast cancer.  The community was especially important to Kyllie Doughty, who shared the story of her battle with breast cancer.  She emphasized the importance of being diligent in yearly screenings.  She also discussed how the experience made her value precious moments with her family and strengthened her faith.

Music for the day was provided by Maggie Drake who sang Amazing Grace while Joan McCoy Keen led the devotion. 

In honor of the survivors, Mckayla Burden read each of their names as Audrey Pendley handed each woman a pink rose.  The survivors were as follows:
Mary Lou Flener
Patty Glass
Veda Driver
Tina Porter
Shanna Drake
Kyllie Doughty
Marjorie Flener
Becky Hankins
Carlon Pendley
Alicia Lewis

Also remembered on this afternoon where those who lost their battle with breast cancer.  Those who attended in their memory received a pink rose as well.  The names read were as follows:
Jennie Drake
Kay Scarborough
Lola Dockery

During her closing remarks, Becky Hankins stated she hopes that girls one-day will only recognize  pink ribbons as a ribbon for ponytails and prom dresses.  In conclusion, all pink balloons that were on the courthouse lawn were cut and handed out to those in attendance to release into the air.  As they glided and weaved over the city of Morgantown attendees fellowshipped, taking time to build the community and network that we all need as we go through life.


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