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RAKU: Collaboration of Fire and Ice

WKU Art Education joins forces with local schools to provide students an interdisciplinary experience in creating art from science.
Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 the Western Kentucky University Art Education Program, and the students of Warren County High School, Butler County High School, and Morgantown Elementary School began a series of lectures and workshops designed to provide participating students and faculty with the opportunity to explore the science inherent in the making of ceramic art. Students and their teachers will explore the chemistry and physics involved in the ceramic process as they explore the traditional construction, firing and glazing techniques of Japanese Raku pottery. On Thursday, Nov. 8th, Warren Central art, physics and chemistry students will host Butler County’s art students for a combined Raku firing of student pottery.  On Wednesday Nov. 14th, Butler County art, physics and chemistry students will host Warren Central art students for a second combined firing; and on Friday Nov. 16th, Butler County art students will host Morgantown Elementary art students for a third and final combined firing. The ceramic works produced in the collaboration will then be curated into a traveling art exhibition, rotating among the three schools and Western Kentucky University’s Fine Arts Center. The interdisciplinary approaches used in the workshop series will be documented for professional publication and presentation at Kentucky and National Art Education Association events.

The collaboration between the four schools is an attempt to provide, both students and faculties with interdisciplinary experiences in art and science, which none of the schools could have accomplished alone.  Real life connections to student explorations, content training for preservice art teachers, professional development for participating faculty members, access to specialized studio equipment, and the receipt of philanthropic funding are just a few of the many benefits gained from this joint experience.

The Western Kentucky University Art Education Outreach Program strives to promote and provide quality arts experiences for both its preservice educators and the students and faculties of the cooperating schools within its service area.
For further information, or to schedule an interview, contact Dr. Miwon Choe or Mr. Sam Hunt  



Butler County schools are very fortunate to have such a great resource in Western Kentucky University. They have supported our schools with quality programs and have a vested interest in students. Thank you to the program organizers.

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