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Pigeon Forge Adventures

May 15, my family and I took a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN for my dad’s birthday.  The 16th, dad and I spent some time at the Grand National F-100 Ford Reunion.  There were a lot of ’56-’57 trucks.  The crowd was of a varied nature.  There were car enthusiasts from Antarctica, Australia, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, among other places around the globe.  There were over 205 vehicles at the show.


That night, my family and I had tickets to Dolly Parton’s Stampede.  About an hour beforehand, there was an opening act.  Mountain Ruckus entertained us while we waited to gain entry.  Whilst being entertained, we had popcorn and Coke.  The Coke was in a Dolly Parton Stampede souvenir boot! When we went in and found our seats, we were soon served soup in a cup.  A little after, we were brought our dinner of a whole roasted chicken, mini corn on the cob and a wedge of potato.  

As we were eating, the show began.  We were welcomed to the 32nd year of Dolly’s Stampede.  I remember going as a kid.  I still had my souvenir boot from that first trip up until recently.  We were active participants in the show, as is the audience in every performance. There’s a North and South side, obviously.  Cheer for your side and boo the other-you know the deal.  There were events: pig races, relay races, a guy riding a fake chicken, all kinds of fun stuff! 

Beforehand, they took fun pictures of each family in attendance.  As you know, I’m more comfortable behind the camera than in front of the camera.  Surprisingly, however, my eyes were open! 

Pigeon Forge is a great two-day trip.  I even got a couple of pairs of shoes and a Dolly’s Stampede shirt out of it.  Not to mention fantastic food at every meal! If you haven’t been to Pigeon Forge lately(I hadn’t in years), I suggest taking a few days and making the trip.  You’ll have a great time, I bet! 

By: Andy Sullivan 

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