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Now Hiring: Butler County Drug Free Youth Coordinator

Butler County Drug Free Youth Coordinator needed

Email resume to:

Deadline to submit resume is September 14, 2022

The Butler County Drug Free Coalition is a local organization helping provide support to our community around youth substance use prevention.  The coalition is seeking a Youth Coordinator to support the coalition’s work.

Applicants should be proficient in Microsoft Word, comfortable presenting in public, enjoy working with middle and high school age students, and invested in seeing success for Butler County.

The Youth Coordinator role:

  • Works closely with the youth in our school system.  A BC Drug Free club organization is present in our local middle and high schools, and the Youth Coordinator works closely with these students.
  • Is responsible for organizing events for students in the community throughout the year, as well as getting feedback from students with ideas that they have for such events as well.
  • Is trained in and presents curricula used by the Butler County Drug Free Coalition.
  • Reports activities/events of the coalition and respective youth clubs on social media.

 Is responsible for:

  •  writing a weekly column/article for the local online newspaper discussing current information about substance use, including tobacco, vaping, and alcohol.
  • Reporting to the Program Director and works closely with them as well as the Board of Directors, community liaison, and other community organizations.
  • Traveling to annual conferences with the Program Director, bringing back information, and helping to apply it to Butler County’s needs.




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