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2nd Shift Operator/Assembler

$15.50/hour plus 

$1.00/hour shift premium

Monthly Bonus Potential

Job Responsibilities:

Perform start-up process and operate semi-automated and manual production equipment at established production rates.

Can show the correct location of proper documentation and is capable of filling out the proper documentation for all necessary processes – Production Sheets, Setter Sheets, and PM Sheets.

Knows where to find correct components called out on BOM.

Can identify the location of the QAP & the characteristic inspected.  Can use and read gauges required in QAP’s.

Is capable of running master samples and performing SPC or QAP’s as specified on the work instruction.  Knows how to document accept/reject for the QAP check and knows procedure in the event of a failure.  

Knows how to operate equipment effectively for production requirements at established quality levels.

Understands 6S program and requirements and maintains area to 6S standards

Is capable of performing preventative maintenance per daily PM Program.  Is capable of adjusting equipment controls for various part changes on the equipment.  Knows when & who to notify if suspect problems are noticed during PM’s.

Trainee must be capable of running operation printer.  This includes starting, stopping and cleaning the print head.  Ink and solvent will also need to be replaced as required by the printer.

Is able to identify a problem in machine performance and is able to understand process and recommend possible corrective actions in process when problems arise.  Problem could be found by visual inspection of parts, high amount of machine stops, high scrap rate, or by other means of inspection.

Knows how to segregate suspect raw material and finished goods.  Knows who to identify in case of suspect material.

Understands FIFO methods and importance of maintaining FIFO.

Understands QRQC & MRB

Please apply in person at:

Casco Products Corporation

1357 Veterans Way

Morgantown, KY 42261



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