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GRCF Beauty Pageants 0-7

Emalyn Pearl Southerland, Hattie Mae Clark, and Kaylin Marie Hooten

The Green River Catfish Festival beauty pageants started at 10:00am on Saturday morning.  In an air-conditioned tent 85 children between the ages of birth and 7 years old competed for titles.  Winners included:


0-6-month girls

Winner – Lyla Taylor Hudson daughter of Madison West and Austin Hudson of Owensboro

1st Runner Up- Anna Lynn Gloyd daughter of Rusty and Teri Gloyd of Adairville

2nd Runner Up- Samantha Skye York daughter of Katessa Moore and Rocky York of Russellville


0-6-month boys

Winner – Cylis Christopher Coleman son of Christopher and Breanna Coleman of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Kingston Roy Roberts son of Haley and Dakota Roberts of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- Maddox Clyde Anthony Jones son of Jakob and Angel Jones of Roundhill



7-12-month girls

Winner – Paisley Cumbee daughter of Jamie and Dakota Cumbee pf Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Ellie Mae Young daughter of Jessica Gray and Michael Young of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- Adeline Short daughter of Matt and Crystal Short of Madisonville



7-12- month boys

Winner – Grant Lee Phelps son of Clinton and Erin Phelps of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Kamden Woosley son of Brittany Bingham and James Woosley of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- Juan Isaias Mernandez Tomas son of Ana and Juan Mernandez of Morgantown



13-18 months

Winner – Laney Jane Ragland daughter of Drew Ragland and Kayla Glass of Bowling Green

1st Runner Up- Ember Reign Barks daughter of Charity and Mike Henderson & Lydia and Josh Nicewinter of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- Carolyn Grace Blancett daughter of Dee Blancett of Texas



19-23 months

Winner – Emersyn Mae Jenkins daughter of Nick and Erin Jenkins of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Faith Sadler daughter of Cari and Tyler Sadler of Greenville

2nd Runner Up- Aubrie Taylor daughter of Andrew and Chasity Taylor of Morgantown



2-year olds

Winner – Jenna Davenport daughter of Natalie Beckham and Tommy Davenport of Bowling Green

1st Runner Up- Ryman Emerie Lee daughter of Jacob and Tessa Lee of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- Felicity Karen Belcher daughter of Ethan and Shelby Belcher of Lewisburg



3-year olds

2nd Runner Up- Emalyn Pearl Southerland daughter of Tim and Mandy Southerland of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Hattie Mae Clark daughter of Matt and Candi Clark of Morgantown

 Winner – Kaylin Marie Hooten daughter of Bobbie and Regina Hooten of Morgantown

 4-5year olds

Winner – Scarlett Gentry Fuller, daughter of Andy and Mattie Fuller of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Ada Marie Brown, daughter of Adam and Brooke Brown, of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up- MadaLynn Shae Marie Jones daughter of Angel and Jakob Jones of Roundhill


6-7 year olds

Winner -Embrelyn Kayte McClintock, daughter of Rob and Miranda McClintock of Morgantown

1st Runner Up- Ariannan Rife daughter of Tiana Rife of Morgantown

2nd Runner Up Stella Jo Easley daughter of Brent and Andee Easley of Bowling Green

Photos by Adam Williams, Beech Tree News


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