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Dodgeball: WKU 9, UofL 1; $$ raised for Project Prom

While the Butler County High School Bears (boys’ basketball) were at Owensboro playing in the 3rd Regional Tournament, players from Western Kentucky and the University of Louisville met up at the Butler County High School gym for a friendly and sometimes intense game of dodgeball.

In an interview before the game, WKU Senior and team captain Felix Perrone said, “We do not get to play against other teams very often we like to do events like this to help out local schools."
This game not only helped the players, but it was also a charity event. All sales from this event went to the BCHS Project Prom.

Case Hooten is a dodgeball fan.
Before the game, local students and even some parents could be seen playing dodgeball alongside players of the WKU dodgeball team.
Due to transportation issues with some of the members of the University of Louisville, there was a delay of game. Once all players from U of L were accounted for, the game began.
After two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute break in the middle, the final score was WKU: 9, U of L: 1.
The game was officiated by Brandon Poole and Brandon Embry.

The next event on the calendar for the Western Kentucky Dodgeball team will be March 23 at Elizabethtown High for the “The Clash at the Commonwealth”. This time WKU will meet up with the University of Kentucky.
For more information about the team, please visit

Felix Perrone and Jared Silverthorn

Story and photos by Kelly Hussung, Beech Tree News



Thanks so much for writing this Kelly! We had a great time and can not wait for next year!
Awesome article! Thank you for being there last night and giving us some publicity!
that number 22 was some kind of wizard

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