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District 16 Academic Governor's Cup Competition Held at North Butler Elementary

MES Team Places 2nd Overall and Qualifies for Region - 9 NBES Students Qualify for Region as Individuals

On Saturday, February 9th North Butler Elementary held host to the 2019 District 16 Governor’s Cup.  District 16 is represented by Greenville Elementary, Morgantown Elementary, Muhlenberg South Elementary and host school North Butler Elementary. 

Governor’s Cup was founded in 1986 as a way to promote, reward and recognize outstanding academic achievement. It has become the state’s premier academic event, involving over 20,000 students, and 1200 schools annually.  It is governed by the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition (KAAC).  The Governor’s Cup consist of eight competitive events including:

Five Written Assessment Examinations: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Humanities.

Composition: On Demand Writing assessment

Quick Recall: A team event of four students answering trivia questions read by a moderator to beat the clock and the opposing team. The team with most correct responses at the end a timed game is determined the winner. This is a double elimination bracket event.

Future Problem Solving: FPS fosters investigation, ingenuity, creativity and cooperative learning.  The teams are judged on responses given to the identified problem.

North Butler Cubs Academic Team Preparing for the Day

The North Butler co-coaches Megan Miller and Cindy Embry were very appreciative of the efforts put forth by the staff at NBES. “We are very grateful for the NBES staff support planning and running the event. We also had many volunteers and coaches from the other three schools assisting with the successful competition.  It truly was a team effort to provide our students with a great experience and an opportunity to showcase their talents,” stated Miller. Embry also stated, “We are extremely proud of our students, although they had hoped to do better at quick recall, they were highly successful in the other events.  We have such great kids, it has been a true pleasure to coach them this season.”

“I am truly amazed by the knowledge, work ethic, and commitment to learning that every single student in attendance demonstrated. I know their teachers, administrators, and most importantly their parents must be so proud of them.” said Josh Belcher, Principal of North Butler Elementary. “The results of each competition were tightly contested; the students truly gave their best efforts and produced amazing work. It's just mind boggling how gifted these kids are. I am very thankful for the NBES coaches and the time they have invested into our students.”

Morgantown Patriots Academic Team Preparing for the Day

First season Morgantown Elementary coaches Becky Vincent and Janet Weathers are ecstatic about the results. “As coaches we cannot say enough about how proud we are of our team! Many of the students have never been on the academic team, so this was a learning experience for all of us! We needed the former team members to help us understand what to do, as much as they needed us to lead them. We worked together each and every practice to not only help each other, but to build confidence and team strength.  We look forward to the experience of Regionals and wish the best of luck to everyone!” stated Coach Becky Vincent and Janet Weathers, MES coaches.


Here are the final results from District 16

*All results listed qualify for the Regional Tournament

Hosted by Hanson Elementary School on March 2nd in Hopkins County, Kentucky.


Social Studies

1st       Skyler Webster           North Butler    

2nd-T   Emmie Hawkins          North Butler

2nd-T   Cameron Hambrick    Greenville

4th       Logan Thompson        Morgantown

5th       Harlan Gardner           Muhlenberg South


Skyler Webster - 1st Place



1st       Slade Gardner            Muhlenberg South

2nd      Lyla Burden                 North Butler

3rd       James Jones               North Butler

4th       Camden Wilson           Morgantown

5th       Landon Moore            North Butler




1st       Will Oates                   Greenville

2nd      Jase Mefford              Muhlenberg South

3rd       Aiden Vick                  Greenville

4th-T    Carson Davis              Morgantown

4th-T    Jaxsen Amos              Muhlenberg South


 Language Arts

1st       Delaney Newcom       Morgantown

2nd      Lily Glass                    Morgantown

3rd       Aiden Vick                  Greenville

4th       Katherine Kidd            Greenville

5th       Landon Moore            North Butler

Delaney Newcom - 1st Place


Arts and Humanities

1st       Katherine Kidd            Greenville

2nd      Haley Childs                Greenville

3rd       Megan Clark               North Butler

4th       Lyla Burden                 North Butler

5th       Evana Martin              North Butler



1st       Haley Childs                Greenville

2nd      Lily Glass                    Morgantown

3rd       Delaney Newcom       Morgantown

4th       Serenity Pannell          North Butler

5th       Kirk Kirkpatrick           Muhlenberg South

MES Quick Recall - 1st Place


Quick Recall

1st Place         Morgantown Elementary

2nd Place        Greenville Elementary

Future Problem Solving

1st Place         Greenville Elementary


Hume Sportsmanship Award

Morgantown Elementary


Overall Final Standings

1st Place         Greenville Elementary School

2nd Place        Morgantown Elementary School

3rd Place         North Butler Elementary School

4th Place         Muhlenberg South Elementary School

Good luck to Morgantown Elementary and each North Butler Elementary student who qualified as they prepare for regional competition!


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