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Butler County Schools: Dress Code

Proper appearance has been shown to have a high relationship to behavior.  Students and parents must accept the responsibility for appropriate dress.  Students will dress according to weather, health, safety, and school activities.  Dress and hair styles that are an extreme variation of those generally prevailing in the community and/or those that tend to disrupt the academic process and orderly operation of the school are not acceptable.  Clothing with a message that promotes violence, harasses, threatens, intimidates, or demeans an individual or group of individuals because of gender, color, race, religion, disabilities, national origin, or sexual orientation, or that advertises illegal substances such as alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco products is prohibited.  Principals and teachers shall enforce the dress code.  Levels 1-4 apply.

1.  See-through mesh or sheer clothing, and tube tops are not permitted.  Tank tops are       
     permitted for P-3, but are not permitted for grades 4-12.  Proper underclothing     
     must be worn.

2.  Under normal circumstances, no hats, caps, or headdresses are to be worn in school.

3.  Students are to wear footwear at all times.

4.  Blouses and shirts must meet skirts, slacks, or pants.  The midriff must not show.  Pants  
     must be worn at the waist.  If shorts (No cut-off shorts are allowed.), dresses, or skirts are
     worn, they must be no shorter than fingertip length.

5.  Full-length coats must be removed upon entering the school building door and placed in
     lockers or in assigned area.

6.  Clothing and accessories (jewelry, belt buckles, necklaces, etc.) with obscene, crude,
     rude, or violent pictures or with sayings pertaining to drugs, alcohol, or sex are not
     permitted.  Pocket/billfold chains or other chains are prohibited during school hours.

7.  Band instrument cases and sports bags must be taken directly to the assigned area upon arrival.


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