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Butler County Archery

The Butler County School Archery teams traveled to Henderson on Saturday to compete. The team is coached by Robert Redmond and assistant coaches Tim Flener and Bobby McKee.

The Elementary team members are: Connor Thompson, Jake McKee, Cayden Southerland, Sally Butler and Ryleigh White. 

Middle School team members are: Sarah Grubb, Ellie Martin, Myria Deweese, Navaeh Kirby,  Erin Tyree Trinity Patrick, Haley McKee, Emily Tyree, Kinley Mitchell, Clayton Gleason, Nick Johnson, Trenton Bryant, Kobe Annis, Carter Hawkins, Rylan Shumway, Trapper Farris, Ethan Clark, Jaxon Smith, Zander Sorrels, Adam Rogers, Jared Hudnall, Demetri West, Ty Maxfield, Jesse Hudson, Clayton Keown, and Tommy Hunt.

High School team members are: Hunter Gates, Christian McKee, Noah Coots, Conor Lawrence, William Cardwell, Cooper Ingram, Laela Phelps, Dalys Bishop, Emily Johnson, Natalie Suoy, Ciara House, Jessie Wilson, Tori Hampton, Bonnie West, Breanna Whittinghill, Tara Smaluk, Hannah McCelland, Samantha Beatty, and Alexis Atkinson.

Click Here for Archery Results:Bullseye Results-1.pdf


Photos by Annie Hawkins, Beech Tree News

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