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BCHS SBDM Minutes from Nov. 1 Meeting

Butler County High School

SBDM Meeting Agenda

November 1, 2012

4:30 p.m., BCHS Library


SBDM Members:

Hanna Southerland, Present

Stacha Murphy, Teacher

Dennis Robbins, Present

Christal McKinney, Present

Rhoda Chism, Present

Patrick O’Driscoll, Present 


Mr. O’Driscoll called the meeting to order and welcomed guest John Burden

Mr. O’Driscoll added item 8 to agenda – Accreditation/Governance handout.  Motion by Dennis Robbins, Second by Christal McKinney – motion carried.

Christal McKinney made a motion to approve the minutes from the October meeting, Rhoda Chism seconded – motion carried.

Dennis Robbins made a motion to approve monthly financial report, Hanna Southerland seconded – motion carried.

Council asked Mr. O’Driscoll to report back at the next meeting as to a discussion with the board attorney concerning over-the-counter medicine as it applies to Policy 19 – “Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol & Drugs”.

Mr. O’Driscoll presented an ACT preparation schedule.  Motion made by Rhoda Chism to approve schedule, seconded by Christal McKinney – motion carried.

Council started a discussion on a credit recovery policy.  Mr. O’Driscoll to present a copy at next staff meeting.

Mr. O’Driscoll handed out a copy of the SACS Accreditation instrument for Governance and Leadership.  SBDM members to bring back scored copy to next SBDM meeting.

Motion made by Rhoda Chism to adjourn, seconded by Dennis Robbins – motion carried.


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