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BCHS SBDM January Meeting Minutes

1. Mr. O’Driscoll called the meeting to order and welcomed guests, Rebecca Rose, Scott Flener, Ashley Johnson, Lisa Rhoades, Kimberlea Embry, Angie Arnold,  and Shilo Ringl.

2. Agenda was presented, with additions, and Stacha Murphy motioned to set the agenda, and Darryl Dockery seconded the motion.

3. Darryl Dockery made a motion to accept the December meeting minutes.  Seconded by Christal McKinney.

4. Gina Givens, finance secretary, presented the financial report, Dennis Robbins moved to accept, Darryl Dockery seconded the motion.

5. Mr. O’Driscoll asked members of the Math Department that were in attendance to present a possible enhancement for accelerated math students in 8th and 9th grade to complete classes early, and be able to complete the next level of math.  After discussions concerning hours, logistics, scheduling, Darryl Dockery motion to proceed towards implementing this program for the particular students involved, and Christal McKinney seconded the motion.

6. Rebecca Rose presented the new course offerings for approval for the 2012-2013 school year, they are as follows:  CP Biology II, CP Anatomy, Sports Broadcasting, Music in the Workplace.  In addition the name change of Broadcasting to Advanced Multimedia was presented.  Shilo Ringl and Ashley Johnson gave explanations about the Science Departments new offerings.   Stacha Murphy made motion to approve, Dennis Robbins seconded.

7. Rhoda Chism motioned to approve a fifth- year and a sixth-year student that have completed coursework to walk line for graduation.  Motion was seconded by Christal McKinney.

8. Mr. O’Driscoll presented a retreat for the baseball team on  February 24-25 at Gasper River Retreat.  Stacha Murphy made the motion to approve, Rhoda Chism seconded the motion.

9. After discussion, the council agreed for the baseball/softball programs to continue this year with current gate policy, and this will be re-evaluated at the end of the year.  Darryl Dockery made the motion, seconded by Stacha Murphy.

10. Darryl Dockery made the motion to adjourn, Stacha Murphy seconded the motion.

SBDM Members:
Darryl Dockery, Teacher, present
Stacha Murphy, Teacher, present
Dennis Robbins, Teacher, present 
Rhoda Chism, Parent, present
Christal McKinney, Parent, present
Patrick O’Driscoll, Principal, present


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