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Author Linda Hawkins visits Teapot Museum

Butler County tea lover, Author Linda J. Hawkins enjoyed visiting and signing books for two tearooms in  TN, on July 31, 2019. One other treat she found very interesting was touring the teapot museum in Trenton; TN.

Dr. Frederick C. Freed (1889-1976) collected the largest teapot collection in the world. His private collection numbered 650 before his death. He donated back to his home town after traveling the world collecting more each year. Linda said, “He has an impressive, beautiful collection!” Dr. Freed called it his beloved hobby.

It was his brother, Sylvane Freed that suggest he donate back to his birth town, instead of giving to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The collect in Tennessee has 525 that are rare and date from 1750-1860. The teapots are encased in glass with over 3000 visitors touring each year.


He maintained a private medical practice in New York, City for 40 years.  


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