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2018 Election: Butler County Candidate List

The following individuals have filed  as a candidate in the upcoming elections:
Tim Flener
Chad Tyree
Mark Mudd
County Clerk
Sherry Embry Johnson
Circuit Clerk
Melissa Cardwell
Suzanne Brosnan
Scottie Ward
Ricky Romans
Cody W. Henderson
1st District Magistrate
Stevie R. Givens
2nd District Magistrate
Andrew Forbes
Jacob Jake Hampton
Jason Shelby Elms
Cody Donaldson
Kevin Phelps
4th District Magistrate
Osei Thomas
Carl Ray Binion
5th District Magistrate
Bobby Moore
Dillon Bryant
1st District Constable
William Cody Benson
2nd District Constable
Steven Wayne Johnson
4th District Constable
John W. Embry
5th District Constable
Jody Henderson
Curtis D. Holland
Morgantown Mayor
Billy J. Phelps



I have recently moved from Butler county. The home I have known all of my life. Just want to say I'm hoping and praying that you get a new sheriff Personally,if I had any say in the matter,Bobbie Hooten would be your next sheriff.There ya go..... I said it . Others think it..You're welcome

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