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2013 Season Preview: BC Softball ready to hit the field

With no losses to graduation and several returning players on the roster, the 2013 edition of the Butler County Bears' softball team opened their season on Friday night.  BCHS varsity defeated Russellville 11-0  while the JV won 8-0. 

Butler County returns a veteran squad from a 2012 team that finished 22-17 and was runner-up in the 12th District Tournament.  The Bears are hoping to build on that success in 2013.

Seniors Jazmin Reynolds, Payton Grubb, Madeline Drake, and Morgan Manning

Butler County is led by an experienced class of upperclassmen, including seniors Morgan Manning, Madeline Drake, Payton Grubb and Jazmin Reynolds.  Juniors are Natoshia White, Amy Rogers, Lynsie Clark and Alex Embry.  All are expected to play important roles for the Bears this season.

Manning, Rogers, and Grubb are team captains for 2013.

The battery of Morgan Manning (who earned all of the team's varsity wins in 2012) and Amy Rogers will fill the all-important positions of pitcher and catchers, with Clark (3B), Drake (SS), White (2B), along with the experienced trio of upperclassmen Grubb, Reynolds and Embry, as well as freshman Taylor King, anchoring the outfield positions.  Freshman Hannah Peach, a tall lefty with a healthy wing span, is at first base.

Both Clark and White are returning from a 2012 season that was riddled with injuries and significantly limited their playing time.  Drake is coming off a stellar year at short with a record-setting season batting average of over .400 and an appearance in the Kentucky East-West All-Star game.  Rogers enters the season with solid numbers as one of the top catchers in the Third Region.   

Sophomore pitcher Kassie Phelps, along with King, and 8th graders Kelsey Smith (3B) and Zoie Pendley (1B) round out the Bears' pitching staff.  All are expected to log pitching innings at either the freshman or JV level, as well as plenty of time at other positions.   

Utility outfield Allie Howard will be the primary catcher at the junior varsity level, with 8th graders Cheyenne White, Ashlynne Brooks, and Maddie McKinney vying for catching time on the junior varsity and freshman teams.

Sophomore Emily Rich (OF) along with freshmen Naomi Cade (OF), Callie Cardwell (SS), Abigail Fry (LF), Whitney Phelps (OF), Madison "Boo" Clark (2B), and 8th grader Haley Hope (OF) round out the junior varsity roster.  Clark and Cade bring a pesky 1-2 punch to the top of the JV batting order as both are left-handed slappers.   

The Butler County softball coaching staff is comprised of head coach John Embry, along with assistant coaches Diane Dyer, Jack Clark, Katie Kirby, and Jay Shockley.  Coach Shockley is new to the staff and is serving as hitting coach.  (Check out BtN later for a follow-up post about Coach Shockley)

 * * *

BCHS Bears Softball 2013 Schedule


3/15       F             Russellville                                                         H            5:30                       V-JV

3/18       M            Owensboro                                                         H            5:30                       V-JV

3/19       T             Muhlenberg County                                             H            5:30                       V-JV

3/20       W            Daviess County                                                   H            5:30                       V-JV

3/21       TR          Open Date                                                                         

3/22       F             Mayfield Ice Cream Battle by the Creek     at Paintsville, KY                                          

3/23       S              Mayfield Ice Cream Battle by the Creek     at Paintsville, KY                              

3/25       M            Franklin-Simpson                                                  H            6 p.m.                   V-JV

3/26       T             McLean County                                                   H            5:30                       V-JV

3/27       W            Allen County-Scottsville                                        H            5:30                       FR

3/28       TR            Barren County                                                    A             5:30                       V-JV


4/1          M            Russellville                                                         A             5:30                       V-JV

4/2         T             Logan County                                                    H            5:30                       V-JV

4/5         F             Woodford County Spring Break Classic                    A             TBA                       V

4/6         S              Woodford County Spring Break Classic                   A             TBA                       V

4/8         M            Open Date                                                                         

4/9         T             Trinity                                                             H            5:30                       V-JV

4/10       W            Edmonson County                                              H            5:30                       FR

4/11        TR          Grayson County                                                 A             5:30                       V-JV

4/12       F             Ohio County                                                      A             5:30                       V-JV

4/13       S              Open Date                                                                         

4/15       M            South Warren                                                   H            5:30                       V-JV

4/16       T             Edmonson County                                            H            5:30                       V-JV

4/17       W            Allen County-Scottsville                                    A             5:30                       FR

4/18       TR          Trinity                                                             A             5:30                       V-JV

4/19       F             Greenwood Border Battle                                   A             TBA                       V

4/20       S              Greenwood Border Battle                                 A             TBA                       V

4/22       M            Todd County Central                                          H            5:30                       V-JV

4/23       T            Grayson County                                               H            5:30                       V-JV

4/25       TR          Edmonson County                                              A             5:30                       V-JV

4/26       F             Owensboro Catholic Freshman Tournament          A             TBA                       FR

4/27       S              Owensboro Catholic Freshman Tournament          A             TBA                       FR

4/29       M            Logan County                                                   A             5:30                       V-JV

4/30       T            Ohio County                                                     H            5:30                       V-JV

5/2         TR          Breckinridge County                                           A             5:30                       V-JV     

5/3         F             Sports Warehouse Catholic Classic                       A             TBA                       V

5/4         S              Sports Warehouse Catholic Classic                      A             TBA                       V

5/6         M            Meade County                                                  H            5:30                       V-JV

5/7         T             Greenwood                                                      A             5:30                       V-JV     

5/8         W            Edmonson County                                              A             5:30                       FR

5/9         TR          Hancock County                                                H            5:30                       V-JV

5/10       F             University Heights                                             A             5:30                       V-JV

5/11        S              Trinity                                                          H            11:00                     FR

5/13       M            Warren East                                                    A             5:30                       V-JV

5/14       T             Bowling Green                                                H            5:30                       V-JV

5/15       W            Apollo                                                           H            5:30                       V-JV

5/17       F             Warren Central                                                A             5:30                       V-JV

5/18       S              Open Date                                                                                         

5/19       M            12th District Tournament at Butler County           H            TBA                       V

5/27       M            3rd Region Tournament at Trinity                       A             TBA                       V


* * *

BCHS Bears Softball - 2013 Roster


Name                                                 Class               Number         Pos.

1. Madeline Drake                           12                    25                    SS       

2. Payton Grubb                              12                    00                   OF      

3. Morgan Manning                        12                    21                    P/IF   

4. Jazmin Reynolds                        12                    10                    OF

5. Lynsie Clark                                 11                     19                    3B/C

6. Amy Rogers                                  11                     6                      C/OF

7. Natoshia White                            11                     8                      2B/P

8.  Alex Embry                                 11                     4                      OF/IF

9. Allie Howard                                10                    11                     C/OF             

10. Kassie Phelps                             10                    2                      IF/P/OF

11. Emily Rich                                   10                    20                   OF

12.  Hannah Peach                           9                      23                    OF/1B

13.  Naomi Cade                               9                      5                      OF

14. Callie Cardwell                           9                      12                    IF/OF

15.  Abigail Fry                                 9                      15                    OF/IF/P

16. Taylor King                                 9                      18                    IF/OF/P

17. Whitney Phelps                          9                      13                    OF/IF

18.   Ashlynne Brooks                    8                      24                    C/IF/OF

19.   Madison Clark                          8                      7                      IF/OF

20.   Haley Hope                             8                      1                      OF

21.   Maddie McKinney                   8                      22                    IF/OF

22.   Kelsey Smith                            8                      14                    IF/P/OF       

23.   Zoie Pendley                            8                      16                    IF/P

24.   Cheyenne White                     8                      9                      OF/C


Head Coach:  John EmbryAssistant Coaches:  Diane Dyer, Jack Clark, Katie Kirby, Jay Shockley      

(12th District, 3rd Region)



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